Frequently Asked Questions

Who created the Ancestral Living for Families courses?

Cory and Jabrielle Troup are the creators of this program. They are degreed health educators, nutritionists, and health coaches. Jabrielle has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Promotion and Psychology. She also completed a college internship that focused on developing health programs for families with overweight or obese children. She has since worked with clients to help them achieve greater health. Jabrielle also currently works with teenage girls to educate them on how to navigate making healthier choices that will positively impact them long-term.

Cory has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology and Health Education. He is also very passionate about health and is a certified health coach. Cory worked for several years for a holistic nonprofit organization that educated & guided teenagers on topics of nutrition, physical activity, spirituality, and emotional health. Along with the other leaders, Cory guided the teenage boys on strenuous camping and backpacking trips in Colorado as an end-of-year challenge.

Both Cory and Jabrielle also taught in school settings so they have experience with teaching children with different learning needs. Cory taught junior high history and math, while Jabrielle taught hands-on-science to elementary students as well as all subjects for 1st grade.

They both now homeschool their son using a Charlotte Mason style of learning which is a literature-rich educational methodology. The Charlotte Mason method of oral or written narration is encouraged in this course. We include read-aloud book recommendations and practical, weekly activities that cover all learning styles…auditory, visual, verbal, and kinesthetic.

Do the lessons require prep work?

Some lessons require no prep work at all, while others require very minimal prep work. We want these lessons to be a very simple and practical addition to your family’s life. Purchasing or borrowing the recommended read-aloud books will require a little prep work since you will need to obtain them in advance. Some of the lesson activities can be incorporated into things that you already do.

What ages is the course for?

We designed the course for the whole family, but it is generally appropriate for school-aged children. The lessons are short so that they can be adapted for younger and older learners. Older learners may want to dive deeper and explore the topics in more depth. The suggested read-aloud books for the older kids might be a good starting point for them or they may want to find additional books. Older kids could be encouraged to write research papers and present their findings to the whole family.

Do you recommend a particular eating style in this course (i.e. veganism, vegetarianism, etc.)?

Since this program is based on an ancestral way of eating, we do promote eating the way that our ancestors ate. According to research, an ancestral way of eating does include eating animal foods. However, we do cover the personal and environmental dangers of inhumanely raised animals. In the course, we emphasize the importance of treating animals with respect and allowing them to also live more of an ancestral way of life that includes a natural way of eating and living with the exclusion of added hormones and antibiotics. We do not promote or mention any one type of “diet” and refrain from mentioning “keto diets” or “paleo diets” in the curriculum, but we do promote eating seasonally available and nutrient-dense food.

Is this a secular course?

We do NOT promote or even mention evolution, the Paleolithic Period, the Stone Age, cavemen, or anything related to that in this course. We also do not mention any religion or religious beliefs of current or past generations. We focus on health and lifestyle factors that influence health. The point of this course is to promote and educate families on the historical and research-based ways that people of generations ago lived. We highlight the benefits of living a less toxic and less inflammatory type of lifestyle as our ancestors did.

Does my purchase include the optional read-aloud books?

No, you will have to purchase those separately. Your purchase is for a printed, spiral-bound copy of our course.

What exactly am I purchasing?

If you purchase the "Nutrition: Ancestral Living for Families" course, you will receive a printed, spiral-bound copy of the course.

If you purchase the "Activity Book" for Nutrition: Ancestral Living for Families, you will receive a digital copy of the Activity Book via email.

Can I sell my digital and/or printed copies?

Sharing or selling our digital content or printed copies violates our copyright and is strictly prohibited.

Do you offer any refunds?

We do not offer any refunds.

How can I get in contact with you?

You can email us at for any questions you have!